Gaby Jogeix a step away from the Grammys

After the release of his album “Meanwhile in New Orleans”, which has generated the best reviews in European media, among professionals in the music industry and his unconditional public; Gaby Jogeix applies to be one of the nominees for the Grammy Awards in its 2022 edition in the category of “Best Americana Album”.

The artist does so hand in hand by a long time music industry team whose artist roster includes, Arlo Guthrie, Stephen Bishop, Stanley Clarke, Harry Shearer, Judith Owen, among others. After listening to the first singles and discovering the peculiar recording process and musicians who have been involved in the production of the album, they predicted an even greater success, a wider dissemination and deserved recognition.

Jogeix, who says that this album is a before and after in his career, adds to these awards the possibility of being nominated for the BMA (Blues Music Awards) to be held in May 2022.

“The truth is that I would never have thought of being nominated for such renowned awards, but I guess that making music from the heart ends up working. What excites me is to see the public’s reaction, and that’s what this is all about. It’s nice to see that people like your music”.